Volunteer Health & Wellness Leader

Diakon Community Services
Job Description
JOB TITLE:                                      Volunteer Health & Wellness Leader
DEPARTMENT:                               Health & Wellness
PRIMARY FUNCTION:                 Assist Program Coordinator with conducting Health & Wellness programs
SUPERVISION RECEIVED:          Health & Wellness Coordinator

TRAINING:                                      As required per program

REQUIREMENTS:  Complete training, use basic organizational skills, be responsible, reliable, and friendly, CPR certification may be required. 

Programs that need volunteer leaders include: Living a Healthy Life, Healthier Living with Diabetes, Healthy Steps for Older Adults, Healthy Steps in Motion, Walk with Ease, and A Matter of Balance. These programs help older residents remain active and healthy and manage their chronic conditions.

  1. Successfully complete leader training
  2. Lead evidence-based and/or on-going programs
  3. Eligible for mileage reimbursement with accurate completion of mileage log sheet
  4. Take attendance and organize program forms
  5. Maintain confidentiality of program forms
  6. Submit program forms to Program Coordinator
  7. Report any emergencies to Program Coordinator. If an emergency occurs, secure area immediately and call 9-1-1. Do not move an injured person.
  8. Complete an incident report(s) as necessary

Contact Volunteer Coordinator MichaelineMatz, for an application, at matzm@diakon.org or by calling 570-624-3013.
For more information about the Health & Wellness program, click this link:  

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